CCTV and Traffic Safety Equipment

AEI supplies and installs a wide range of safety and security products. Used in combination with message boards, other equipment our safety sensors can be part of a “Smart Work Zone” where messages can be automated to respond to real-time traffic or weather conditions. Our CCTV and traffic safety equipment makes managing traffic in work zones easier, more productive and safer.

Innovation – Aldridge Electrical Industries is committed to ongoing research and development to improve products and deliver greater efficiency. Recent R&D successes include:

Re-engineering the design of our traffic signals, reducing the weight and improving energy efficiency and performance of LED bulbs, resulting in lower maintenance.

Greater Energy Efficiency – Aldridge Electrical products are independently data tested for greater energy efficiency than our competitors.

Writing Safety Standards – due to our knowledge and longevity in the industry, Aldridge Electrical is invited to Chair the National Standards Committee for traffic products in Australia. We have contributed to Australian Standards for over 30 years.