About Us

Aldridge Electrical Industries (AEI) is an award-winning, Australian-owned, family business with proven experience and history spanning over 3 generations and sixty eight years.

We offer:
Customised Intelligent Transportation Systems Solutions, designed and manufactured in our local manufacturing facilities in Sydney and Brisbane supporting local jobs, the local economy and Australian manufacturing . World-class sourcing and supply of international ITS products that integrate with our custom-designs. ISO9001 approved quality system for designing, manufacturing and the installation of our equipment – assuring our products are tested, safe, efficient, reliable and proven to operate generic cialis with minimal maintenance for many years to come.

AEI is a global innovator in the deployment of:

  • Variable Message Signs,
  • Changeable Message Signs
  • ITS Cabinets
  • Tunnel Message Signs
  • Variable Speed Limit Signs,
  • School Zone Activation Signs,
  • LED Traffic Signals and associated equipment,
  • Traffic Sensing, Non Intrusive Radar, Bluetooth, Video Imaging, In-pavement Vehicle Detection, and Weigh in Motion
  • CCTV
  • Traffic Safety Equipment
  • LED Lighting

AEI’s products have been successfully installed on the majority of large road projects and throughout all major cities within Australia and New Zealand.

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