V & P Category LED Street lighting

Aldridge Electrical Industries (AEI) have designed a new range of Energy Efficient Category V, LED Street Lighting and Category P,  LED Pathway lighting products.

Our LED Street lights and Pathway Fittings are designed using, the very best quality Nichia LEDs and specialized Optical Len’s for use in Australian and New Zealand Street lights and Pathway applications, with light efficiency of 140 to 170 lumens per watt, the fittings are available in 10W to 240Watts. The LED fittings can be Smart controlled with a NEMA Daylight Sensor or IoT (internet of things)  and are compatible for energy and cost savings. The fittings are Streamline in appearance with a smooth surface, dust proof and waterproof , with an IP65 rating and are covered with a 7 year warranty.