LED Traffic Signals & Associated Hardware

Aldridge Electrical Industries (AEI) LED Traffic Signals & Hardware are designed and manufactured to our ISO9001 Quality System in Australia, they are extremely energy efficient and have a 15+ year design life. They also weigh less than many competitor models, making for easier handling, improved OH&S and reduced freight costs.

LED lantern optics from Aldridge Electrical Industries can be fitted into most lanterns made in Australia by other manufacturers. The highly efficient power supply, long service life and reduced maintenance requirements, ensure the lanterns are the most cost effective LED lanterns available in Australia.

Other benefits:

  • Low Profile Housings – 95mm deep
  • Lower Weight- for easier handling, improved OH&S and reduced freight costs
  • Routine cleaning of internals not required
  • Keyed Optics ensures correct orientation
  • Modules can be fitted into existing lanterns
  • No special tools required
  • True single handed operation to Open / Close
  • Switched Mode Power Supply
  • High Power Efficiency
  • Reduced energy consumption, lowering costs
  • Precise control of LED current, longer lifetime
  • Precise Error detection and shutdown
  • Zero power consumption when in shutdown
  • Single push-button reset with no special tools
  • Self-calibrating
  • No messy trim-pots for calibration
  • No bulky, energy wasting transformers
  • No relays

We are very proud to have been the major supplier of our LED Traffic Signals & hardware to QTMR for the LED Lantern Replacement program. Please see video below