School Zone Activation Signs

AIdridge Electrical is a major supplier of school zone activation signage (SZAS).

Roads around schools are often dangerous for children due to high-speed traffic, moving vehicles, parked vehicles that obstruct drivers’ vision and distractions such as increased pedestrian foot-traffic.

Permanently displayed static road signs around schools have proven to be ineffective over long periods of time, as drivers passing the same sign regularly tend to ignore it. There is also often a lack of awareness around the times a school zone operates.

AEI School Zone Activation Signs incorporate flashing lights and (LED) components that are displayed only during high-risk, school zone operation times, therefore enhancing driver awareness.

Aldridge Electrical’s SZAS comprises a Central Management Computer (CMC) in an operations centre, a number of Alert Devices installed in school zones across each State, and a communications network linking each Alert Device with the CMC.